Well seasoned firewood for sale in San Diego, California

El Encino Firewood stocks well seasoned softwoods and hardwoods:

  • -Eucalyptus
  • -Oak
  • -Pine

Mixed Firewood
We can also deliver mixed firewood--perfect for starting your fire with softwood, then keeping it going with hardwood.

Seasoned to Burn
Well seasoned firewood burns hotter and cleaner. All our firewood at El Encino is split and seasoned to perfection, ready to burn.

If you buy firewood that is not seasoned and dry, you will waste BTU heat on wet firewood. It's also very hard to start, keep going, and produces excessive smoke and hissing sounds.

Learn more about our firewood types below.

Delivery & Firewood Stacking available to all San Diego County.

FREE delivery in Ramona, CA area.

Our Firewoods

Eucalyptus firewood

Eucalyptus is a hardwood that burns bright and hot, giving off an aromatic fragrance as it burns. It burns on par with oak and leaves a nice bed of hot coals. It’s a heavy hardwood that lasts long and provides great heat, making it a good buy. Eucalyptus has heat energy of 34.5 BTU (Million BTUs per Cord).

Oak firewood

Oak makes excellent firewood. It's a very dense hardwood, so it burns much longer than other firewood. Because of its density, it also takes longer to season (1 year or more is recommended). When you buy your Oak firewood from El Encino you're sure to get well seasoned wood, ready to burn in your fireplace or stove. Oak has heat energy of 36.6 (Million BTUs per Cord).

Avocado firewood

Avocado is softwood that burns easily and makes good starter wood. This firewood has no scent. This firewood can be used indoors or outdoors. Avocado has heat energy of 20.8 BTU (Million BTUs per Cord).

Pine firewood

Pine is a softwood and is easy to start and gives off nice pine scent when burned. Pine typically is sappy and full of resin, so it makes for better outdoor firewood. If the wood is split into kindling, a small amount of pine can be used to start indoor fires. Pine has heat energy of 19.0 - 21.7 BTU (Million BTUs per Cord).


Pinyon Pine firewood
Pinyon Pine

Pinyon Pine (or piñon) is the "hardwood" of the softwood family. It grows in the southwestern United States and in Mexico. It is easy to start, burns with an active flame and produces good heat. Pinyon has a pleasant pine fragrance, especially when burned. Its smoke doubles as a natural mosquito and insect repellent outdoors (not recommended for cooking). Pinyon Pine is a good choice to mix with longer-burning hardwoods when using as a heat source. It has heat energy of 22.0 BTU (Million BTUs per Cord).



-full cord $350
-half cord $190


-full cord $275
-half cord $175


-full cord $275
-half cord $175

Mixed Wood: Eucalyptus & Pine

-full cord $260
-half cord $160

Mixed Wood: Oak, Eucalyptus & Pine

-full cord $290
-half cord $160

*Pricing subject to change.